Friday, September 26, 2008

Chunky Monkey

On Weds I took Mattix for his two week check-up. Wow, that crept up fast! His weight shot up like crazy... he was born at 6 lbs 13 oz, and at his appointment he was 8 lbs 3 oz. Now, I am no mathematician (just ask me husband about how well I balance the check book...) but that's one whole pound, and six whole ounces! I guess Mom has the good stuff huh? And look, finally some chub to those cheeks!
Bentley was being a dork today, so I felt the need to share it with you guys. He was putting the fake nails from his tool bench on his fingers and calling them his "silly fingers". What a spaz.

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Random Stuff

The past week or two has been pretty random, so this post will be pretty random. The first set of pictures is from my moms ward dutch oven dinner. They had a bounce house and it was like pulling teeth to get my kids out at the end of the night.

This was Chloe and Jesus after a LONG day. It was so cute to see them crashed out on the couch together.

Bentley is such a proud big brother. He is always asking if he can hold Mattix. If Mattix is crying he tries to soothe him by saying "s'okay Mattix.... s'okay."

This is Chloe's new skill she has developed. The other night we were driving and Mattix was crying. All the sudden we hear Chloe in the back seat imitating his newborn cry. Its a lovely sound isn't it?

Thursday, September 18, 2008

My Vacation

As I mentioned before, my mom took her week's vacation time to help me with the kids this week. Not so much of a vacation for her as it was for me. She has done everything from being at my house cleaning and entertaining the children, to getting them out of the house so I could nap. They have spent more nights at her house this week than at ours, and have gotten to go swimming a couple times. Things at my house have been quiet and kinda boring... but I did get to go grocery shopping with only Mattix this morning, and that was a huge relief. Well, I think Mom may have reached her breaking point. To see what I mean go here... All I can say is... thanks ma!

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Birthday re-cap

I had an awesome birthday yesterday. Thanks to everyone who called or texted to wish me happy birthday. I had a nice relaxing day at home and then Jesus took me out to dinner (without the kids... all three!! thanks mom!). Before dinner he gave me this....

I am so excited. I haven't had the best luck with cameras lately so this was a big excitement. He also gave me this....

but he gave that to me early so we could have it at the hospital. I am so excited for both of these. Thanks babe! Chelsey was in town and she stopped by and brought me some pretty flowers and a candy bar.

We went to the Gun Barrel and enjoyed a nice, quiet dinner with some yummy food. Then we went home and had a nice night of sleep with only a few wake ups. Mattix slept so good I was amazed. I think it was his birthday present to me! haha

Speaking of Mattix, he is doing great! He is nursing beautifully, and still sleeping really well. He loves to nap in his boppy, and still loves to be swaddled. He hates his binkie, but will take one when he thinks he is still hungry, but mommy knows better.

Sunday, September 14, 2008

day 4

things I am grateful for -
* lanolin cream
*family - there is no way I could have gotten through the last little bit of this pregnancy and these past few days without the help of my mom, grandma, and various other people. THANK YOU!
* 3-4 hour stretches of sleeping baby
*things that keep Bentley and Chloe occupied for more than a few minutes
* the smell of new baby
* sleep
* boppy pillows
*that I can drink diet coke and coffee without guilt again
*monkey arms and chicken legs, both of which mattix possesses

Friday, September 12, 2008

We're back!

We got home on the afternoon of the 11th, around 1:00. I would like to thank my mom for posting the last two posts to keep everyone informed of the arrival of our little guy. We are so happy he is here and already we are trying to remember what life was like before he came along.... (quiet...haha)
I thought I would fill you in on some of the details and post some more pics, because come on... who doesn't love newborn pictures?After the epiduralDaddy and his new little guyChloe missed her mommaChloe pointing out Mattix's eyes, nose and other facial features
Bentley and Chloe meeting their new little brother
All my guys

My version of the birth story -
We got the call around 5:15 am. Labor and Delivery wanted us there in an hour. We got up and gathered our stuff together. My mom stayed with the kids until we got settled at the hospital and got another babysitter there.
6:15 - We got to the hospital and quickly got checked in and taken to a room.
7:15 - Started Pitocin - 4 centimeters dilated
7:15 - 1:00 - took Pitocin through the IV, trying to decide if I was going to get the epidural. Got checked and found I was 6-7 cent. dilated and decided it was time for the epidural.
1:30 - received epidural - feeling much better!
2:00 - Dr came to break my water - still around 7 centimeters
2:30 - suddenly feeling more pressure and babies heart rate was very erratic. Nurse checked me and found I was fully dilated and also put the oxygen mask on me. We quickly called the Dr. so we could start pushing
2:40 - Dr arrived and we started to push
2:52 - Mattix Jett makes his official debut with the cord wrapped around his neck but doing just fine!

He gave us a little scare because he was grunting and flaring his nostrils when he was trying to breathe. They came and got his lungs all the way popped open and now the little guy is just fine.

Update since we've been home-
Bentley and Chloe have been adjusting really well. They think their new little brother is awesome and have shown no signs of jealousy. I have had lots of support from my family (mom, grandma, aunts, sister, cousin etc...) and so i have been able to rest as often as I need. thanks guys! mattix is eating great and sleeping fairly well too.

So far, things are great and we are feeling pretty good about everything. Thanks for all the phone calls, texts, comments and e-mails. We love you guys!

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

in keeping with the tradition of the other Espinoza baby births, we made a guess list as to the particulars of Mattix's birth. the first category was what time, second category was weight and height, and final category was bald or hair. unfortunately, Jesus won on all three.
Great Grandma Carol's guess....2:48pm 7lbs 1ounce 19 and 1/2 inch and hair
Dr Barton's guess.....2:58pm and that was the only guess he could make-he was a busy man(vasectomy waiting for him at the office)
Grissel's guess.....3:05pm 7lbs 3ounces 20 and 1/2 inch and I did not catch hair guess
Rickell's guess.....2:57 and then she got distracted-it's funny how contractions will do that
Grandma Marcie's guess...2:32pm 7lbs and 3ounces 20 inches and shiny bald
Jesus's guess....2:50pm 6lbs 11ounces 19 and 1/2 inch and hair

the little dude was born at 2:52pm weighs 6lbs 13ounces measures only 18inches and has decent amount of hair
now Jesus needs more hair to cover his own head because his ego made his head swell (joking)

Mattix makes an appearance

September 10, 2008 marks the first day Mattix Jett Espinoza saw the world and the world saw him. The hospital called Rickell and Jesus around 5:00 am and said they should check in to the hospital within one hour. The labor was induced and after several hours of hysterical comments made by Rickell's mother and not very funny comments made by Jesus, Mattix decided to brave the elements and try life on the outside of mommy's body. The usual three ring circus assembled for the show. Obviously Rickell was front and center and Jesus was at her side. (sometimes sneaking to the foot of the bed to see what the doctor saw). Grandma Marcie and Grandma Grandma (Great grandmother Carol Mcknight) and Bobby (Grandpa Bob) were positioned on the couch trying to see but staying out of the way. Aunt Grissel was stationed by the bed shooting a decent angle of the delivery on the new camcorder that Jesus gave Rickell 5 days early for her birthday. Grandma Grandpa (great grandfather Doug Mcknight) held his usual post in the hallway listening hard for sounds of the new town cryer. Dr Barton made it to the hospital five minutes prior to the birth, he was a truckin down the hallway. He brought a student doctor with him to observe and then you add the three great nurses who made things run smooth, and you have a full house. It was as brand new of an experience as when Bentley was born although it had the feeling of deja-vu. We can not get over the way that Mattix looks so much like Bentley.

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

I guess I asked for this...

this is what I get for wanting him to be more independent.....
He only wants to wear his underwear backwards unless I make him put them on right. Boys....

just an fyi - this baby is being evicted tomorrow! We will anxiously be awaiting the call from Labor and Delivery to let us know it is our turn to come get induced... I will try to post before we leave, but if not then see you in a few days!

Friday, September 5, 2008

forcing independence

I never realized how dependent Bentley is. One of the requirements for preschool is that he has to be able to go to the bathroom by himself. Now, he is potty trained (except an occasional #2 accident, but that's a whole other post), but he still prefers someone to take him to the bathroom. Also, he can't understand the concept of pulling his pants down just far enough to use the potty, and pulling them back up. He wants to fully remove his pants and underwear and then needs someone to put them back on. It hadn't even crossed my mind that this would be an issue until the first day of school. So now I am trying to teach him this concept. It had also caused me to think of all the other small things he "needs" help with every day. Just now it took him 10 minutes to figure out how to put his t-shirt on because I have always helped him with it. He asked for a Capri-Sun and I had to open the fridge for him because he "didn't know how". I realize this is partly my fault for babying him and it just occured to me that we never really went through the "I can do it myself" phase. If you always have someone there to do something for you, why would you want to learn to do it yourself?
So, I have initiated Operation: Forcing Independence. Bentley didn't know he wanted to be independent and more self sufficient, but he is going to be! He is 3 years old for goodness sakes and still asks me to put the lid on his marker for him. Time to cut the umbilical cord child... you are on your own....
Well, as much at least until next time you need help... :)

Thursday, September 4, 2008

First Day

of prechool for Bentley! He was so excited!

He insisted on sitting in his Mickey Mouse chair for a picture.

Saying "Cheese!"
And this time with the eyes open....

The first day was just an orientation so it was nice for Bentley and I to have an "adjustment" day. On Monday, however, I drop him off and leave him there. I am not worried though. He will do just fine.

After preschool we had my doctors appointment. Surprise surprise... no change. My doctor said if I had made any change he would have sent me to the hospital and broke my water, but I seem to be stuck at a 4. We did schedule an induction for next week, the 10th, in case nothing happens before then. I have just decided to be ok with it. As much as it sucks to be contracting pretty consistently for the past week and a half and have no change, I have decided there must be a reason that my body is stopping itself. Maybe the baby needs this extra time, or maybe I need it? Either way, I now have light at the end of the tunnel.

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

still here...

that massive ball of pink is my belly. Yup, I am still pregnant. I go to the doctor tomorrow so we shall see what happens after that....