Monday, December 24, 2007

Its here!

Well, I officially have been a loser about blogging again. As I sit at work on Christmas Eve feeling guilty for not being home, I will try to redeem myself a bit by blogging some Christmas-y feelings. Yes, I am at work on Christmas Eve. Yes, Jesus is home with his family and our children waiting for me to join in on the festivities. Yes, I hate the fact that I am at work, but it was either that or Christmas Day, so I can't complain too much. When I go home (in about 30 minutes... but who's counting?) There will be a feast waiting for me, and anxious children ready to open presents (Jesus' family's tradition is to open the presents on Christmas Eve and then Santa will come and bring his presents in the middle of the night).
Today we baked christmas cookies to leave out for Santa (I picked my favorites...tee hee hee) and that just made it all seem real.
Tomorrow morning we will make the trek to Pine Valley (after we see what Santa left for us) to spend the day with the McKnight clan..... oops, sorry, had to do some work there for a second. Darn people, can't you see I am blogging here?
I have complained a bit about having company at our house but all in all it has been nice to have them here. Amidst all the chaos and messes, there was a feeling of Christmas excitement and cheer in my home this morning. The kids kept asking me periodically through the day "do we get to open presents tonight?" and then when they recieved the answer they were hoping for ("yes"), they would run away giggling looking for something to do to keep the excitement contained.
Yes, tomorrow is Christmas. Months of planning, stressing, budgeting, and all in all excitement will come to an end tomorrow. Hopefully we can keep the spirit of Christmas in our hearts and minds for the upcoming year. Love you all and hope you have a Merry Christmas!