Thursday, May 6, 2010


We went swimming for the first time this year. Aside from Mattix falling over in the kiddie pool, and trying to get into the big pool by himself, it was relatively calm. That's why I love going up to the Green Valley clubhouse, the kiddie pool makes it so easy. We had a great time, and look forward to spending many more hot days at the pool.

Smart Start Baseball

Last week was Bentley's first day of baseball. Ok, fine. It was actually his third. The first week we missed because I never received information from the city about where to be and what time, and the next week I missed because I messed up my work schedule. But no worries, Bentley was there. So this is the first week I got to go see my dude play. Bentley's dad also came, which was nice since the parents are involved in the practices. We're still unsure if baseball is going to be his thing, but we'll let him try as long as its what he wants to do.

While Bentley was playing baseball, Chloe and Mattix were playing at the park. They had a good time, and Mattix even found a new ride! At one point, I looked around and realized Mattix was missing. He had gone over to play baseball with Bentley and his dad! Typical Mattix!