Saturday, July 26, 2008

a rare moment....

sleeping... all of them.... ahhhhh, silence!

Thursday, July 24, 2008

sniff... tear....

I got a letter in the mail from Bentley's preschool yesterday. It was information about orientation and the first day of school. I can't believe my baby is gonna go to school! Granted it's only 2 days a week for 2 1/2 hours, but still! Bentley is so exicted too. He always talks about his backpack and how he has to be a big boy to go to school. Anytime a school bus goes by he tells me that's how he goes to school. I hope he won't be too disapointed with the fact that he gets dropped off by mom, not in a yellow bus....

By the way, the panic time has begun. Today, I sent a text message to my sister-in-law asking if she was working. She responded with "why? do you need to go to the hospital?"

Sunday, July 20, 2008

8 Weeks left

Ahhh, the countdown is on! 8 weeks left. Knowing my history, probably closer to 6. Bentley and Chloe were both early, so I am guessing this baby will be too. I feel alright. Not too uncomfortable, and I am still sleeping alright. I do have to wake up to pee occasionally, but that's not too bad. My back pain hasn't been too bad, I only notice it when I have overdone it. The day I took the crib apart to move it into my room I really felt it, but on a day to day basis I am alright.
I have managed to get some nesting done. I went through all of Bentley's old clothes and it was great to have so many outfits still in good condition. I only have to get a couple packs of socks and onsies and I should be set. I still have several totes of clothes that are 3-6 months, 6-9 and 9-12 that I haven't even attempted to go through yet. As soon as I get the crib put back together, the car seat bought, and my suitcase packed I should feel totally prepared. I am going to Salt Lake the 7Th of August for 3 days, so lets hope this baby doesn't pick that weekend to come! hahaha
I plan on working until the end of August, but cutting my hours back. I will return to work in mid October (depending on how I feel), but only as part time.
I feel the incessant urge to make list after list and make phone calls to the hospital and insurance company. I guess that's the nesting instinct kicking in.
I haven't posted much about Bentley lately and I feel totally guilty about it. He is such a good little boy that there isn't much to say about him.... He has become totally obsessed with Batman. The other day he insisted on wearing his Batman mask and cape in the grocery store. He were walking down the aisles and people kept walking up and saying "hi Batman!". He would look at them like they were crazy. It was hilarious! I am trying to decide if the new Batman movie is too scary for him, so if you have seen it, or know anyone who has - any input would be appreciated!

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Weekend Update

This is the newest member of our family (at least until September.... haha)

her name is Belle, and she's a pughuahua. Her mom is a pug, and her dad is a chihuahua. She is the sweetest thing and the kids are loving her. She was almost completely potty trained when we got her so that was a major stress off my shoulders! Bentley and Chloe are in puppy heaven. He does not want to let her out of his sight and we even got in trouble at Harmon's the other night because Bentley insisted on taking her into the store... oops....

On Sunday we took a little day trip to Vegas to get some baby shopping done. We were deciding between getting a toddler bed for Chloe, or a new crib for the baby. We also need a new car seat and a couple other odds and ends. Since St. George isn't exactly known for its shopping selection we decided to go to Babies R Us and do it in one sweep. When we got there I was immediately disappointed in the car seat selection. There were a few I was looking at online and they weren't nearly as cute in person. I decided I would wait and get one I had seen a few days before at Wal-Mart.
We decided to get a toddler bed for Chloe despite the fact that I knew bed time was going to be a huge challenge. But hey, you gotta do it at some point right? We were going to get a basic white one, but then I saw this one.
For $20 more it came with toy box and bench, plus it just seemed like Chloe. The canopy bed and pink princess theme were right up her alley. I was able to get some more organizing and picture hanging up today, so here's some pictures of her room now. There are just a few shelves I need Jesus' help with and we want to paint the chair rail white, and the bottom half of the room pink. Then her room will be all done. She slept in her new bed last night for a couple hours, but since she hasn't been feeling well we didn't push it too hard and she ended up in our bed.

That brings me to my last topic. What is with my kid and weird illnesses? Chloe was acting kinda funny on Saturday and we realized she had a fever. We gave her tylenol and didn't think much of it. Sunday she was still a bit fussy, so we gave her some more, thinking she was teething since she kept touching her mouth. Then I saw the sores. She had what I thought was a canker sore on her tongue, but when I got looking closer I realized she had two more. One on her gums, and another one further back on her tongue. I couldn't see down her throat but later when we went to the doctor we saw them when he shined the light in her mouth. We cut our Vegas trip short after lunch because we wanted to get her home. We had promised Bentley we would take him to Kung Fu Panda since we weren't going to the Shark Reef. Then when we realized how bad the sores were we knew we had to get Chloe into the Instacare. We were trying to figure out how to keep our promise to Bentley, and make sure Chloe got to the doctor. I was willing to let Jesus take Bentley to the movie while I went to the doctor, but Jesus said that he wanted to be there, so we had Cambria (my cousin) and her friend take him to the movie while we went to the doctor. Chloe has hand foot and mouth disease. The worst part is - its a virus. There is no medicine for it. It has to run its course. I can give her ibuprofen for the pain, but thats about it. It's supposed to last about a week. Today she slept until 10 am. I am not complaining, but that is SOOOO not like her. This kid wakes up at the butt crack of dawn most days. Poor girl.

Well, there's a little update on whats going on in our life.

Friday, July 11, 2008

my dilema

When we were pregnant with Bentley, the minute my husband suggested the name "Bentley" I knew that was it. With Chloe, as soon as I heard the name Chloe I knew that would be my babies name. It was easy. It just "clicked". This time around.... not so much.... I have searched every website, read all the books, hoping that that perfect name would jump out at me. I would jump out of my chair and shout "YES! there it is!", but so far, no dice. I have found some names I like, and so has Jesus, but nothing with that light bulb above your head affect. So, once again, I turn to you fellow bloggers. Give me your opinion.

Mateo Jett Espinoza.

Now, so far, the initial response I have gotten was a definite no, but give a second. Let me explain. Jesus is feeling guilty for not having Bentley's middle name be Jesus as family tradition calls. His middle name is Jesus (I wont tell you his first name because I would have to kill you after!), his dad's middle name is Jesus, and his grandfathers middle name was Jesus. Originally we had decided this was not an option for us, but now Jesus is feeling the guilt and wanting to follow tradition. I am fighting tooth and nail against it. My compromise with Bentley was to have his middle name start with a J, as well as Chloe (Bentley Jayde, Chloe Jocelyn) but apparently this isn't going to be the case this time. I was browsing names today and came across Mateo. I have heard the name before and liked it. It means Matthew in Spanish, so I thought it would be a good compromise without going too traditional. (Javier, Jesus, Juan so on....) Jesus said it's "growing on him", and my moms first impression was "NO!" until I explained. So... tell me what you think? Maybe offer another option?
I am not saying this wont change before I actually deliver. This child may be one of those that you can't name until you see... who knows? But I still would love some opinions or options!

Thursday, July 3, 2008

Blonde and Belly

Here's me and my big ol belly. I am feeling large and in charge! 29 weeks and wondering how I can get any bigger? haha. I am actually feeling pretty good. Today I went and got my hair done. Lenzi always does such a great job. I asked for blonde and Lenzi pulled it off! I haven't been this blonde since high school! I really like it! I also went back to the shorter 'do. It's so much easier to do! Also, I really should have put on more make up before I took this picture... yikes!