Thursday, April 9, 2009

The Meaning of Life

I met an amazing man today. He is staying at the Spa and is here from the Dominican Republic. He mentioned that he had been married for 35 years. When he saw my surprise he told me what he believes is his secret. He said it was never easy, but they took life step by step. First with their small apartment, while saving all their money to buy a lot to build on. Then later they built their home. One step at a time they worked up their wealth. They didn't mind not being able to buy a boat, or a nice car right away because they knew that later in life they would reap the benefits. They both had the same goals, and the same plan. Now he is one of the wealthiest men in his country, as well as having an healthy happy marriage.
There were many instances where he would have to travel alone for work. He knew how hard this was on his wife, so from time to time he would tell her "Regardless of what you have going on, regardless of it we can afford it, I am flying you out to meet me and spend the last few days of my trip with me." He said she was a wife and mother before anything else, and his family was first priority in his life.
"When you are twenty and thirty years old, your mind is different than when you are older", he told me. Now, years later they have 3 children, two son-in-laws, and four grandchildren. He says that when there are four children in pajamas all jumping and climbing on his bed in their pajamas, he knows what the meaning of life is.