Friday, February 29, 2008

tagged.... again...jerks

Okay, I was avoiding it, but I am at work with the only other option being to actually work. So I will succumb to the tag, and make it look like I am working. Hahaha
Alright.... 7 weird things about me:
1. As a child and/or teenager, I never really pictured myself as a mother. Not that I didn't want kids, I just never imagined what life would be like with them. Now that I have two (almost three), I can't imagine life without them.
2. I like the smell of gas. Like when you first pull up to the gas station, the faint smell. Its nice... after a while though, it gives me a headache.
3. Although this baby was not planned - I was baby hungry, so I am excited, and feel like this baby will complete our family.... but no more! haha
4. I am addicted to celebrity tabloids. Sad, but true... I have to know what Britney did, or if J.Lo had her babies...
5. I work because I want to. Sure, the money is nice, but the main reason I work is because I would go crazy. I have found I am a better mother and wife, if I have a place to go to get away. Nothing against those who do stay at home, but for me it wasn't the best. If I told Jesus that I wanted to quit and never work another day in my life, he would support me 100%, but I couldn't do it. I found myself slipping into depressions when I was staying home. I need places to go, and a sense of purpose in a day. This may change when baby number 3 comes along, but for now I am content.
6. I am content to wear flip flops every day, but I love shoes. Heels, wedges, flats, I love shoe shopping. But all I ever wear is flip flops.....
7. During this pregnancy, diet coke has been making me sick. Forcing me to drink more water and juice, my doctor wont mind, but I miss my diet coke!!!

Monday, February 25, 2008

A week of sickness

Well, this week has been interesting. First off, I ended up in the Insta-care on Monday (Presidents Day) for four hours because I couldn't stop throwing up. The Unisom just stopped working. I am now on Zofran and that has made all the difference.
Then, Chloe started to throw up non-stop. The vomiting has started to taper off, but she has continued to have Diarrhea (TMI sorry!) for over a week. I finally got her into the doctor today, and lo and behold.... she has an intestinal infection! Like when you go to another country and they say "don't drink the water"... that type of infection! No clue on how or where she got it, but at least we have an anti-biotic to take care of it. Hopefully in a couple days she will be back to normal.
Other than that, all has been well. We are approaching the 12th week of pregnancy and I am starting to get a little tummy already. We went to the doctor last week and got to hear the heartbeat. We actually experienced something I haven't had happen. We could hear the heartbeat, but when we tried to isolate it my heartbeat kept getting in the way. No matter how we moved the Doppler we kept hearing mine stonger than the babies. No clue on the sex though since the heartbeat was in the mid-range. With Chloe it was fast, so we had a bit of a clue.
I haven't taken many pictures of the kids lately, so I will definately have to take some and post them soon.

Friday, February 1, 2008

I've been tagged

My husband
his name......Jesus prounouced "hey-sus"
How long have we been together... 5 years this Valentines day
how long did you date.....about a year and a half
how old is he.....22, almost 23
who eats more.....He does, but being prego I am catching up to him
who said I love you first....i think he did
who is taller......He is
who is smarter...I think we all know the answer to this one... haha, actually I really think it depends on the subject. I am horrible at math, and have been banished from balancing the check book, but I think I am smarter in other areas
who does the laundry...I do, or else we would all have pink socks... haha
who pays the bills...We both do, whoever thinks about them first
who sleeps on the right...I do, well i guess it depends, is this if you were standing at the foot of the bed or actually laying in it? silly questions
who mows the lawn....the lawn people... lucky for us we dont have to do it
who cooks dinner... if we are both home then I try to
who drives...we both do, but not at the same time... :)
who is most stubborn... we both are very stubborn, we also both like to have the last word. it can be interesting
who kissed who was him... all him... hehe
who asked who out first..we never really did that... we just kinda started hanging out
who proposed....he did
who has more friends... i have more close friends, he just randomly meets a lot of people
who is the most sensitive...i definately am way more sensitive. he never lets things get to him
who has more siblings... i do. i have a total of six including step and half siblings ,and he has 4
who wears the pants..we both think we do, but we actually have developed a good sense of "it goes both ways" if that makes sense...

unfortunately, megan you are the only other person who reads my blog, so I am going to have to tag you...
do with it what you wish!