Thursday, May 6, 2010


We went swimming for the first time this year. Aside from Mattix falling over in the kiddie pool, and trying to get into the big pool by himself, it was relatively calm. That's why I love going up to the Green Valley clubhouse, the kiddie pool makes it so easy. We had a great time, and look forward to spending many more hot days at the pool.

Smart Start Baseball

Last week was Bentley's first day of baseball. Ok, fine. It was actually his third. The first week we missed because I never received information from the city about where to be and what time, and the next week I missed because I messed up my work schedule. But no worries, Bentley was there. So this is the first week I got to go see my dude play. Bentley's dad also came, which was nice since the parents are involved in the practices. We're still unsure if baseball is going to be his thing, but we'll let him try as long as its what he wants to do.

While Bentley was playing baseball, Chloe and Mattix were playing at the park. They had a good time, and Mattix even found a new ride! At one point, I looked around and realized Mattix was missing. He had gone over to play baseball with Bentley and his dad! Typical Mattix!

Monday, April 26, 2010

A day at the park

Lately things have been a little hectic with finals approaching. So the other day I decided to put the homework away and take the kids to the park. We had a good day and the kids love this park to death.

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Easter 2010

Easter was a huge hit this year. As usual we had our annual fourwheeling, picnicing, adventure chasing, easter egg hunting, adventure. It was so good to have the family there, and its times like these that make you appreciate your loved ones even more. Notice the pictures of my Grandpa on the mountains, can you believe this man had a major brain surgery just a few months ago and he is in his sixties?? We are so thankful he is in our lives, and I am so happy my kids have him to teach them about all the beauty of the Utah wilderness. You'll also see Mattix with his two best buddies; 'Bampa Bobby, and Uncle 'Clain. The cute little crazy haired blonde you see is Chloe's partner in crime, my niece Ava. The kids had a blast, and it was so nice to spend the whole day with them!

The Zoo

We had such a blast in Salt Lake in March. It was the kids friend Meya's 5th birthday while we were there so we celebrated by going to the Hogle Zoo and to Chuck E Cheese. We also did some shopping and saw my sisters, and Chelsey, Alan and Henry. The kids are already begging to go back, so it looks like another trip will be in the works!

Monday, March 8, 2010

happy time

k, I am due for some happy posts. So here's to the start of happy time!
In honor, I am posting some things that make me happy.

1. Spring is coming. Slowly, and every once and a while Mother Nature teases us with a cold day, but its getting here!
2. Rain. Yes, Rain. I love it. I love the smell, the sound, the clean feeling. And it makes for an awesome summer at the lake. The only thing missing is a fabulous thunder storm in addition to the rain, like we had in Arkansas.
3. Bentley. Little dude just melts my heart. He is the most amazingly sweet boy and he melts my heart every day with his endless hugs, snuggles and "i just love you mom."('s)
4. jewelry. shoes. clothes. shiny things. scarves. yeah, I have a problem...
5. Spring Break! I managed to get some time off work to take the kids up to Salt Lake this weekend. We're going to the zoo, the aquarium, the museum at the Gateway, and whatever else we feel like.
6. i get to go to Forever 21!!!
7. I get to see Chelsey, Niki and Lindsey
8. Chloe and her craziness. This girl...sigh. She needs a post all of her own.
9. Mattix and his willingness to roll with it. Poor guy has been dealing with breathing and asthma issues pretty much his whole short life, and it breaks my heart, but he just deals. Last night he would go from coughing his poor little guts out and as soon as he was done he'd turn to me and give me the sweetest smile you ever saw. Its just him.
10. Tax Returns. Enough said.

No pictures today, but there shall be plenty after my trip up north. Also, I want to update my bloglist, so let me know if you read my blog so I can add you. Thanks!

Friday, February 26, 2010


sometimes i look at other people's blogs and facebooks with posts about their happy families and get sad.
sometimes i wish i still had that.
sometimes i get tired and burned out.
sometimes my laundry piles to the ceiling and i wish i had a laundry fairy to come take care of it for me.
sometimes i forget.
sometimes i want to take a day off and sleep.
sometimes i feel guilty my kids spend more time with everyone else than me.
sometimes i cry.
sometimes i forget to cherish the time i do have with them.
sometimes when bentley tells me he misses me, it breaks my heart.
sometimes chloe wants me to paint her nails or play tea party with her, and i can't put my homework down.
sometimes mattix needs to be cuddled and i forget.
sometimes i forget the reason i am doing this.
and then i see their faces and am quickly reminded....

i remember we are a family, and we are happy
i remember that they love me.
i remember that i'm doing whats best for them.
i remember that they are surrounded by people who love them more than they will know.
i remember how fortunate i am that they don't have to go into day care..yet.
i remember that i have the best family and best friends a girl could ask for.
i remember sweet things that they say like, "remember I'll always love you tomorrow mommy".
i remember to take a minute and breathe.

and it gets me through the harder days

(yes, I am alive. just super busy, and haven't felt the need to blog much. Since I am facebook friends with most people who read my blog (assuming anyone does anymore...) I know you all know whats going on with me. i'll try to post some of the happier moments of the last year soon, because truly, there are lots!)