Saturday, October 6, 2007

First things first!

Well, since Megan and Tennille both have blogs, I will follow. We all know how much I always copied them, why should it be any different now? I have never really "blogged" so we will see how this will go.
Since this is my first I guess I will just introduce us. We are "The Espinoza's" (imagine thunder rolling in the background or something equally dramatic...). We consist of Jesus, Rickell, Bentley and Chloe.

My husband Jesus is a car salesman. Yes, a used car salesman. (Insert joke here). He loves cars and four wheelers and anything of that nature. He is a city boy born and raised, but being a part of the "McKnight Clan" he is learning to love the outdoors. Jesus was born in Mexico City, but moved to California around the age of two. He lived in Southern California until he was 8. From there he moved to Lake Havasu, AZ. In 2000 he moved to St. George, Utah, where he met his beautiful wife Rickell (tee hee hee) and the rest is history.

Rickell (aka me) was born in St. George Utah, and lived there for the majority of her life. She did move to Kansas for roughly a year, and from there moved to Arkansas. She was there for about two years, when we all got home sick and moved back to good ol' Utah. Rickell works at Green Valley Spa, and loves it there. She enjoys scrap booking and doing arts and crafts. She also loves interior design, and would love to go back to school someday and get her degree.

Bentley is a crazy two year old who (like his daddy) loves cars. Anything with wheels will keep him entertained for a good amount of time. He is learning to talk more and more every day, and keeps us entertained with new things.

Chloe is our "baby". She's right around ten months old and still bald as ever! She has crawling down pat, and is seriously considering walking soon. She loves her big brother and is definitely a daddy's girl. Not that she doesn't like mommy, but daddy definitely has a special place in her heart!

Well, that's a bit about our family! Watch for future posts!