Friday, February 26, 2010


sometimes i look at other people's blogs and facebooks with posts about their happy families and get sad.
sometimes i wish i still had that.
sometimes i get tired and burned out.
sometimes my laundry piles to the ceiling and i wish i had a laundry fairy to come take care of it for me.
sometimes i forget.
sometimes i want to take a day off and sleep.
sometimes i feel guilty my kids spend more time with everyone else than me.
sometimes i cry.
sometimes i forget to cherish the time i do have with them.
sometimes when bentley tells me he misses me, it breaks my heart.
sometimes chloe wants me to paint her nails or play tea party with her, and i can't put my homework down.
sometimes mattix needs to be cuddled and i forget.
sometimes i forget the reason i am doing this.
and then i see their faces and am quickly reminded....

i remember we are a family, and we are happy
i remember that they love me.
i remember that i'm doing whats best for them.
i remember that they are surrounded by people who love them more than they will know.
i remember how fortunate i am that they don't have to go into day care..yet.
i remember that i have the best family and best friends a girl could ask for.
i remember sweet things that they say like, "remember I'll always love you tomorrow mommy".
i remember to take a minute and breathe.

and it gets me through the harder days

(yes, I am alive. just super busy, and haven't felt the need to blog much. Since I am facebook friends with most people who read my blog (assuming anyone does anymore...) I know you all know whats going on with me. i'll try to post some of the happier moments of the last year soon, because truly, there are lots!)